The IT program of study will prepare you to explore issues in computing, solve high tech problems, learn programming languages, design and test software systems, and more! The GISD programs include: CISCO Certification, Computer Technology Certifications, configuring common features for mobile systems Android and Apple iOS.


Computers are important to the way we
live and do business.

The Information Technology pathway will prepare you to go to work in high-tech and high-paying IT jobs of tomorrow.


Fastest Growing Career Opportunities

  • Computer Programmers

  • Computer Engineers

  • Database Administrators

Certifications and Licensures

  • MOS Specialist

  • IC3 Digital Literacy

  • OSHA Cyber Safety

  • CISCO: CCENT/CCNA (Cisco Certified Entry Level Network Technician/Network Associate)

  • CompTIA/A+

 High Paying Careers

  • Chief Information Officer $130,000

  • Software Developer $100,000

  • Network Administrator $80,000