A STEM career may be right for you. The Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics program of study focuses on providing scientific research and professional services. Careers in STEM link scientific discoveries to the needs of society and consumers. GISD programs include: Introduction and Principals of Engineering, Civil, Aerospace, Digital Electronics and Computer Science.



Ball High School's STEM Community


Do you like to solve interesting and challenging problems?

Do you like to be creative and work on projects that make a difference?
Do you want to improve the future?


Fastest Growing Career Opportunities

  • Civil Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers

  • Electronics and Electrical Engineers

  • Environmental Engineers

  • Computer Hardware Engineers

Certifications and Licensures

  • Autodesk Inventor Certified User

  • AutoCAD Certified User

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate

  • IC3 Digital Literacy

  • OSHA Cyber Safety

High Paying Careers

  • Aerospace Engineer $110,000

  • Petroleum Engineer $140,000

  • Nuclear Engineer $90,000